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Rod's Landscapes specialises in artificial rockwork and sculpting, including:

Rocks / boulders
Caves / grottos / cliffs
Rock bars
Rock planters
Concrete trees
Rock steps
Rock retaining walls
Pool coping - both rock
and sandstone
Sculptured pavers

Welcome to Rods Landscapes

Rod Fletcher, with over 20 years experience, is the proprietor of Rod's Landscapes.

Rod's Landscapes creates all assignments free-hand, so can custom build just about any shape or design required. Rod specialises in artificial rocks, vertical wall overlay and cladding.

Vertical wall overlay and cladding is a super light weight blend concrete especially designed to be sculptured onto any vertical surface to replicate the real life look of stone or other rock feature, with meticulous detail.

Vertical wall overlay and cladding can also be applied externally and is up to four times stronger than standard concrete. The possibilities are endless, the only limit is your imagination. Vertical wall overlay and cladding can be affixed to nearly any surface. Rod will design and construct every job himself so every assignment is being created by the Artisan himself, or you can design off your own plans. Either way, every job is a one-off, crafted by the Artisan himself.

Suitable use examples include wine cellars, bars, house interiors/exteriors, clubs/pubs, hotel foyers, shop fronts/facades, pillars/posts, entrances, steps, caves, waterfalls, bbq's, fireplaces, feature block walls etc. (refer to pictures in gallery for a few examples)


Rod's Landscapes has an extensive display which can be viewed, by appointment.
Artificial rocks, vertical wall overlay and cladding gallery
Visit our Gallery to see photos of some of our recently completed projects.
Gallery Artificial rocks
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